High-efficiency compact electric motor with integrated inverter.

We can supply electric motors for multiple applications such as propulsion motors for electric and hybrid boats, maritime electric winches, offshore electric winches, maritime electric propulsion motors and more. Our compact PMAC motor with integrated inverter is based on state-of-art silicon carbide semiconductor technology and therefore has excellent efficiency. The motor is supplied with 800 – 970 VDC.

The integrated inverter is two-way regenerative which enables the motor to be used as generator, or as both motor and generator. The solution is weight-saving and fits perfectly on marine vessels with DC grids, but also fits well in combination with a converter/rectifier for a 440V DC or a 690V AC grid. The 400 mm diameter series comes with power up to 125kW. With further testing and development, we expect to be able to deliver a 400 mm motor with up to 250kW.