We supply mechatronic solutions based on electric power

Electromotor having integrated inverter

Flekkefjord Elektro AS has “Patent Pending” on electromotor having Integrated inverter. Our new high-efficiency compact electromotor is an important part of the “Electric winch with ultra compact drivetrain for demanding dynamics” we are developing.

Compact electric winch

MIL is a central element in University of Agder’s vision of becoming a global high-competence center for mechatronics and new materials.
FE create has signed a contract with Mechatronics Innovation Lab (MIL) at UiA in Grimstad for a delivery of an innovative and compact electric winch that will be used for testing at MIL.

Airborne Wind Energy (AWE)

Energy efficient electric winches for Airborne Wind Energy with electronics and gear systems designed for demanding AWE winch dynamics. The winch slowly spools out with a high torque and produces energy with help of a synthetic fibre line attached to an advanced kite that flies up in the aircurrents. The kite flies in a circle, perpendicular to the wind direction and creates pulling force in the line to the AWE winch. To produce this energy the line is braked at a speed of 1/3 of the wind speed. The winch converts the mechanical braking force into electric power. The kite flies up in a helix and is dragged up by the wind that hit the area it sweeps. When the kite reaches maximum height it will descend rapidly again and position itself for a new energy production loop. When the kite is retracted, the angle of attack changes and the area on the kite exposed to the wind is reduced and close to insignificant. The kite is being retrieved several times faster than the reel out speed, hence the winch needs to pull in at a high speed. A kite turbine produces energy 90% of the time and pulls the kite back for the remaining 10% of the time. For more information about Airborne Wind Energy see

Motors for propulsion systems

We can supply electric motors for multiple applications such as propulsion motors for electric and hybrid boats. FE create’s compact permanent-magnet electric motor with integrated inverter is based on the latest silicon carbide semiconductor technology and therefore has excellent efficiency. The motor is supplied with 800-1000VDC. The integrated inverter is 2-way regenerative hence the motor can be used as both motor and generator. The solution is very weight-saving and fits perfectly to boats with DC grids, but also comes with a 2-way converter / rectifier for a 440V or 690V AC grid. The 400mm diameter series comes with power from 30kW and up to 125kW. With further testing and development, we expect to be able to deliver a 400mm motor with up to 250kW.

We deliver mechatronic solutions based on electric power

  • Customizing and optimizing
  • Mechanical construction and modelling
  • Electrical engineering and automation
  • Electronic design and software
  • Embedded systems