A new high-tech
R & D environment
is being born now


In January 2015, Flekkefjord Elektro began to see great potential for the renewal of winch technology. We contacted Innovation Norway and the Research Council, which led us to VRI-Agder (Instrument for Regional Innovation Agder). Through competence-brokering, VRI-Agder put us in contact with Semcon Devotek in Kongsberg. Together with them we did a feasibility study in 2015 where we concluded that it is feasible to revolutionize winch technology by creating an electric winch with ultra compact driveline for demanding dynamics. A winch where the entire winch system is integrated into the winch drum itself. The feasibility study was funded with support from VRI-Agder and SkatteFUNN.

We established cooperation with the University of Agder, designed an innovation project in parallel with a competence building project and received support from the Regional Research Fund in Agder (RFFA) for the R & D project; «Electric winch with ultra compact driveline for demanding dynamics» and support from Sørlandets Competence Fund to the competence building project “Competence boost and new R & D environment based on new winch technology”. With these fundings together with SkatteFUNN, we have funded the development of new winch technology and a new R & D environment in the Lister region, which we call FEcreate.

About Iversen Holding

Øyvind Bøckman Iversen, owner
Iversen Holding AS

Flekkefjord Elektro AS is 100% owned by Iversen Holding AS. Iversen Holding AS is 100% owned by Øyvind B. Iversen.

Flekkefjord Elektro AS is the Project owner and has a lot of experience from shipbuilding. Several engineers contributes to the project with their shipbuilding expertise. They know what it means to build a winch system on a ship with today’s technology and see a great improvement potential in implementing the new technology we are developing.

R & D partners and suppliers

Our academic partner is University of Agder (UiA). For years UiA has been among the country’s foremost educational institutions in the field of mechatronics and has a special interest of participating and contributing to the project. For testing, we will use facilities at Mechatronic Innovation Laboratory in Grimstad. Within this laboratory, there is a “High Force Lab” which provides an ideal environment for testing and simulation of current usage scenarios for our product. Assoc. Prof Martin Choux contributes his expertise in mechatronics and drives, and Dr. Khang Huynh will contribute his expertise in power electronics and electrical machines.

Semcon Devotek has a very good expertise of state-of-the-art in electric motors, motor control systems, transmission solutions and winches. The company has successfully conducted many national and international projects related to these areas and security challenges and complex real-time systems from both automotive, offshore or subsea, defense systems and ship equipment.

Katsa Oy, Tampere, Finland is a high-tech, innovative and flexible gear manufacturer. They are our supplier and consultant of gear products for this R & D project. Katsa delivers tailor-made gear solutions to demanding customers and is well-acquainted with state-of-the-art gear technology.

Combimac B.V., Emmen, The Netherlands is our supplier of compact high density permanent magnet synchronous motors and specialist expertise for this R & D project.

We’re located in the region of Lister – Southern Norway. The region of about 35000 residents is center of hydropower plants in Norway, and on edge of Norwegian coastline to Europe. Our offices are in Flekkefjord, a small city you will love, with beautiful summers and real winters – in the middle of cities of Stavanger and Kristiansand.